Truffle salt elevates a simple breakfast of soldiers and a boiled egg

Martino Tartufi Truffle Salt sprinkled on a medium boiled egg

I love truffles. Truffle chips, truffle oil on mushrooms, and even on popcorn. Truffles are incredibly expensive but there is a way to get that truffle flavour without having to make a big dent in your wallet. Truffle salt is the answer.

I bought this truffle salt months ago by Martino Tartufi. It is still expensive… for salt but it lasts a very long time… a little sprinkle goes a long way!

Boil a perfect egg (the Julia child way), pasture raised eggs if you can find them. Make some toasted soldiers (toast that’s been cut up into strips); I’m using Ace’s Rosemary Foccacia bread, and sprinkle some of that truffle salt. Dip away! Dip away!

Let me know if you like truffles and if this is something you would try or have tried.

Martino Tartufi Tuffle Salt

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