Random Acts of Kindness

This was one of my favourite pieces from the 100 day project in collaboration with Joyce Lai (on piano for this music/art video). I will be showcasing this framed fine art print at the Richmond Hill Group of Artists, Mill Pond Gallery on Nov. 26-27th from 11am-5pm.

Please come by to say hello and enter your name for a chance to win a fine art print or a set of 6 greeting art cards.

I’ll be donating 10% from the profits of the art sales to the Richmond Hill Community Food Bank.

Richmond Hill Group Of Artists
The Mill Pond Gallery
314 Mill Street,
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4C 4B5

Info about this piece:

Published on Instagram @arcpress.art.design

March 10, 2022
Day26 of The 100 Day Project 2022


Artwork by Alicia Chang

Music: J.S. Bach: Little Prelude No.3 played by Joyce Lai

Theme: Random Acts of Kindness

This morning, my hubby scraped the ice off the windshield while I started the car with the kids buckled in their seats… and it warmed my heart. In that moment, I was grateful. I was reminded that the little random acts of kindness we can do for one another and even for strangers can really change someone’s day. 












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